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Today was my first Grand Slam again after a break from 9 months after the Olympic Games. It was not enough yet for a medal today, I won my first fight pretty fast and after that i lost in the second round by wazari. I stay with the team for another 3 days in Russia for the trainingcamp, which will be very good for me to pick up the rythem again for more fights! ✌
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Gold at the New York Open with these lovely girls! ❤ #bestteam
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On my way to New York for team competition with the girls!
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Kata Guruma! Pictures made by Paco Lozano. #OLYMPICGAMES
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7th at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. At this moment I still feel very sad and disappointed. As probably most people knew my preparation wasn’t ideal at all, in march at the Grand Prix of Tiblissi I got injured on my knee. From that moment on it was not sure I even could compete at the Olympics and because of that I didn’t’ fight any tournaments and could not do the judo trainings as an athlete should do to be in the best shape at the biggest tournament there is. I’m very grateful to the whole medical team and specialists who took care of my injury so I could compete. A special thanks to Nimrod and Michelle!
Despite that I’m really proud with myself the way I fought yesterday. I had no idea what I could expect from myself because we couldn’t test it before. I fought for my life and I fought with everything I got but in the end it was not enough for a medal sadly….

I’m so very proud that on my first Olympics I competed and fought for the state of Israël. The country which adopted me and welcomed me with open arms. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to my team mates, The Olympic Judo Federation and the Olympic Committee for all their support towards and during the Olympic Games.
Last but not least a special thanks for my trainers who prepared in a perfect way not only for these Games but always; Shany Hershko, Ben Rietdijk, Bas Meerveld and Paul lammers.

Especially I want to thank my loving and caring family, they are the most important thing in my life ♥️
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So, I guess this is it ✌
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Finished successfully my last international training camp here in Spain
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Gisteren een leuke "uitzwaai" training mogen geven aan deze jonge toppers van Ben Rietdijk Sport. De club waar ik als klein meisje ben begonnen met judo en nu 10 augustus actief ben op de Olympische Spelen in Rio de Janeiro
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